Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling

We are specialists in vocational rehabilitation counseling. We have numerous registered vocational rehabilitation counselors on staff. Each counselor has met the qualifications to provide vocational rehabilitation services to industrially injured or ill workers as outlined in WAC 296-19A -210, Washington State Administrative Code. Each counselor has been trained individually, case by case, so that the sensitivity that is required in work with people is maintained and supported. We believe in a positive working environment and understand that a cohesive and positive team atmosphere contributes to employee morale, longevity, and work satisfaction. We take pride in our work and in our reputation as an elite and professional counseling team.

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Vocational Assessments

Grant & Associates counselors are skilled analysts of all the data necessary to fully assess whether or not a return to work with the employer of injury is feasible. We integrate information from all of the stakeholders involved in the injury to fully understand the medical, employer, and vocational factors. We develop job modification and work site modifications including transitional return to work modalities and/or pre-job accommodations if there is a possibility of a return to gainful employment.

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Vocational Testing

Vocational testing can provide a solid understanding of aptitudes, interests, skills and abilities. We provide a wide variety of testing resources and have professional counselors ready to interpret the results.

We primarily use the CareerScope, a computerized interest and aptitude assessment system that we can administer in English or Spanish. It begins with a section with practice using the mouse for those who are not comfortable using a computer. It then moves to the interest assessment. This is a non-timed questionnaire where the client will choose among three responses, like, dislike, and unknown, providing more time to practice using the mouse. The interest areas are divided into the 12 occupational clusters corresponding with the US Department of Labor Interest areas (GOE). It then moves into the timed tests, which assesses General Learning Ability, Verbal Aptitude, Numerical Aptitude, Spatial Aptitude, Form Perception, and Clerical Perception. The Motor Coordination, Finger and Manual Dexterity aptitudes are not specifically tested and the scores are derived from the clientís ability to complete the test using the computer.

We are also able to provide specialized testing for specific concerns such as reading or math. These include the Wide Range Achievement Test 3 ( WRAT3), Differential Aptitude Test, Purdue Pegboard, Minnesota Rate of Manipulation, and Career Assessment Inventory.

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Labor Market Survey Banks

As part of our work with clients, Grant & Associatesí counselors are continually contacting local employers to discuss their positions and hiring practices in order to remain knowledgeable about the job market. Our Labor Market Survey (LMS) banks contain labor market research from local employers. We have LMS results for Snohomish, King, Thurston, Pierce, Mason, Lewis, Cowlitz, and Clark Counties. We maintain our LMS data by the year in which our survey was conducted. Thus, within each of these counties, we have research that reveals past and current local data. This allows us to draw upon prior research and to compare trends and changes in the labor market. We can also perform a specific Labor Market Survey for any position or occupation upon request.

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Job Analysis Banks

In order to determine the physical demands of jobs, Grant & Associatesí counselors regularly perform Job Analyses. A job analysis is a lengthy and detailed description of the physical demands of a particular occupation or position. This information is useful when working with disabled individuals or when trying to determine whether a particular job can be modified. It can be used as part of exploring issues related to The Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as employer-employee specific issues.

Grant & Associates maintains a computerized bank of Job Analyses performed locally. We have Job Analyses on file for a wide variety of jobs throughout Western Washington. We can also perform a specific Job Analysis for any position or occupation upon request.

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Expert Witness Testimony

We frequently testify for both plaintiff and defense regarding the viability and appropriateness of vocational services provided on individual worker's compensation cases. We work closely with attorneys to quickly assess the case, offer an opinion, and prepare testimony which supports our professional opinion. Our staff is experienced and trained to offer an opinion on all vocational issues.

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Forensic Vocational Services

Grant & Associates counselors are experts at providing objective opinions regarding the disposition of a case from a vocational perspective. We review prior medical and vocational records, identify barriers to employment and possibilities for resolving the barriers, coordinate with providers to obtain the most current physical, mental and vocational capacities, and identify training needs and resources, if necessary. Forensic services include Second Injury Fund evaluations, Pension Review, Wage Loss Analysis, Long-term complex medical/Legal claim review, and second opinions regarding prior vocational services.

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