Employment Opportunities & Staff Training:

Grant & Associates has learned through many years of experience that counselors best learn the specifics of vocational rehabilitation through a combination of legal and technical background (per the WAC and other sources) and supervised, hands-on experience; beginning with basic services and progressing over time toward more complex issues and cases. Our practice is to team a new VRC or VRC Intern with an experienced counselor under supervision and train for entry-level tasks. As experience and skills develop, casework is assigned and eventually the VRC Intern is offered cases to manage of their own.

We encourage and facilitate the acquisition of the CDMS as a condition of employment. There are Continuing Education Units (CEUís) required for all of our counseling staff in relation to this national certification.

Ninety-minute training sessions are routinely provided by a VRC supervisor/trainer or by an outside expert on various aspects of vocational rehabilitation counseling. Our staff is encouraged to attend Department-sponsored events, training provided by professional organizations such as IARP and community providers.

Each of our staff receives regular performance evaluations. During performance evaluations, training goals are reviewed and updated, and a plan of action for the coming year is established. The company-training plan is reviewed and updated per the counselorís achievements and skills.

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