About Us

The professional vocational rehabilitation counseling staff at Grant & Associates have gained a superb reputation of operation in Western Washington since 1986. We strive to be the best provider of vocational services by investing heavily in quality personnel and in intensive and ongoing training for the counseling staff. We want to assure each of our clients and customers that they are getting the best possible service for their investment.

As a professional group, the staff at Grant & Associates developed the following summary of the core values that guide all aspects of our company:


The vocational path we help our clients follow is one where the guideposts are established with objectivity and honesty. Not only is this ethical, it is the clearest expression of the respect we have for our clients. We are accountable to our clients and to each other. We continuously strive for excellence in our work. Integrity is a conviction that drives everything we do.


Compassion is about the desire to help. We maintain respect for people who face challenges, whether it be our clients, our colleagues or others with whom we work. We listen to everyone with compassion and empathy we value people as individuals. When people understand our compassion is genuine, they trust we will act with kindness and fairness to acknowledge and protect their dignity.

Collaborative Work Environment

A collaborative work environment provides us professional interdependence and flexibility to deliver services of consistently high quality. Our work environment fosters mutual support, respect and the sharing of resources. Mentoring and teaching are a continuous part of our professional development. We are allies of each other in our own achievements, and the success of our clients. Our work environment requires a high degree of trust and camaraderie.


We challenge ourselves with meeting standards of the highest quality, defined not only by our ability to provide excellent vocational services, but also by accurate, thorough and effective communication with our clients. By placing strong emphasis on staff training and supervision, we cultivate experienced, knowledgeable and highly competent vocational rehabilitation counseling professionals. We are proud of our professional staff, our outstanding analytical skills, and the services we provide.

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Our Locations

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Grant & Associates is a full-service vocational rehabilitation and career-counseling firm with headquarters in Olympia and Federal Way, Washington with 13 other service locations that encompass the whole of Western Washington.  We are also expanding into outreach services in other states and a variety of Eastside Washington Locations. Since 1986, we have been successfully serving industrially injured workers and individuals in search of new career or job opportunities. Our counselors are highly experienced vocational analysts and experts, trained in local/internet labor market trends as well as broad career and occupational issues.

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Charitable Donations

Grant & Associates has a long history of charitable giving and a commitment to donating some of our resources to active and resourceful organizations within our communities and across the state. We are committed to this effort and have a designated yearly charitable fund. Further, we have recently developed a quarterly program for dissemination of these funds that enables us to target the needs of our clients, the causes dear to our staff, and the organization making a difference in our community!

The following is a list of programs that we support:

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