Most people try to avoid facing issues around their career. Until they lose their job or are forced to leave due to circumstances out of their control, they think that things will just work out. Career counseling can be very enlightening and even fun. Our professionals know how you feel and understand the dilemma you are in. Career Counseling can take from one session to twenty sessions depending on where you are in your life, what kind of assistance you desire, and how much help you would like with the process.

Career Clinic

In individual sessions or clinic formats, Grant & Associates offers support in a comprehensive approach to career planning by assisting with the following development areas:

Skill Identification

Everyone possesses hundreds of skills. You use skills everyday, whether you use them on the job, at home, or during your leisure time. Being able to identify your skills in the context of career exploration is a necessity today and a critical way to plan a career.

Job Search Assistance

Once you have identified your skills and chosen a career direction that you are passionate about, you need help with the actual job search process. We can help you either in person, by phone in a coaching style, or via the Internet.

Resume Development

A well written and well presented resume can get you through the door! This is a fact. However, there are hundreds of styles and formats used today. We can help you determine what works the best for your experience, education, job objective, and other pertinent factors. We will match who you are with a resume style that fits you.

Cover Letter Writing

Cover letters are the first impression you make on your potential employer. Effective writing is the means by which you market yourself! Let us help you master this critical job search task!

Interview Techniques

This is your opportunity to let the manager or owner know who you are and how well you can meet his/her needs. You need to show that you are capable of doing the job or learning it quickly. You also must show that you are a fit with the other employees, can problem solve easily, and that you need little supervision or motivation. We can teach you how to sell yourself and be fully prepared for whatever questions or circumstances you might face during an interview.

Informational Interviewing

Informational interviewing is a skill of its own. You will receive effective coaching as to what works best in your labor market and how to use this skill to your best advantage.

Education Planning

You may want to retool with additional educational programs that are geared to specific vocational skills/tasks or you may wish to enter a degree program that would allow entry into another field of interest and increase your earning potential. We can help you sort through the maze of educational institutions and assist you with your applications and documentation.

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Job Search Workshops

Wondering where to find the best employment opportunities? Our counselors will assist you in finding the job leads and ensuring that your application materials capture the employer interest!

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Instant Internet Job Search

We know you are busy. We know that you use the Internet. We know that you are concerned about your career and your future. This service is for all of you who just don't have the time or haven't utilized the Internet enough to make a job search effective. Let us do it for you! For a nominal fee, we will research your labor market and provide you specific detailed information regarding job openings, where and how to apply for the job!

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