Workers Compensation, Return to Work Plans, Insurance Rates, Lost Productivity... All of these issues directly impact you and your ability to continue to maintain and grow your business. Grant & Associates can work in partnership with your staff to develop resources and policies to reduce injury related costs, expedite bringing workers back on light duty, improve morale, provide training to critical staff, and ensure that your company moves forward.

Create a Job Bank for Your Company

When on the job injuries occur, returning your workers to light duty is an integral step in reducing the duration of disability and associated claim costs. A critical step toward light duty is having analyses of your employee job descriptions that are suitable for medical comment - and preparing some light duty options that are both useful and flexible. Grant & Associates can assist you through a one time effort to develop job analyses and light duty options that can be utilized by your staff on a daily basis.

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Work with you and your injured workers

The process of job change, due to industrial or non-industrial injury or disability, can be a daunting one. Grant & Associates' staff are skilled in working with employers and employees throughout the injury process - whether this is to assess ability to work or develop permanent steps to meet reasonable accommodations. We are ready to help you!

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Stay at Work Program!

Lower claim costs for your state fund business - let's work together! The Stay at Work program is a new L&I program that encourages employers to bring their injured workers quickly and safely back to light-duty, transitional jobs by helping to cover their initial costs. If eligible, they can be reimbursed for up to 50% of the injured worker's wages, and for the cost of instruction, tools and clothing the worker needs to do the transitional job. Keeping an injured worker in a transitional, light duty job while recovering can help the employer control the cost of their L&I premiums. Also, research shows that injured workers who stay at some type of work with their employers are far less likely to become disabled in the long-term. Stay at Work Program FAQ

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